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DD Audio 812D 2000W 2x2 ohm


New Redline 800-series has arrived!
We are proud to introduce the all new Redline 800-series. Three sizes; 12", 15" and 18" and all available with D2 and D1 voicecoils. And those coils are serious stuff. Made In U.S.A. black 4" voicecoils are something that our competitors do not and will not have in this priceclass.
Like previously released 700-series, these 30 kg monsters have a cast alu frame with DD-branding like heavy rubber boots that protect the huge motor. Multiple spiders and newly designed surrounds give much more travel and about 10 Hz lower Fs that previous models. These new models are LOUDER than previous ones and will also play LOW notes with much more authority.


Power Handling  1000 - 2000 WRMS
Impedance 2x2 Ohm
Xmax ?mm
Fs ? Hz

Diameter ? mm / 12"
Mounting diameter ? mm 
Mounting depth ? mm