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Helix introduserer en High Power versjon av den meget populære AAC.3 Den håndterer opptil 28V inngangsignal og fungerer da med feks Premium lydpakker som Burmester & Co.

Allows the connection of an aftermarket amplifier to factory sound systems with external amplifier
Excellent sound quality thanks to very wide frequency response (18 Hz – 80 kHz)
Suitable for all OEM sound systems with an external amplifier and a maximum output power of 155 Watts
“ADEP.2 circuit” to bypass speaker diagnostic systems
Microcontroller-supported monitoring of the music signal and generation of the remote signal
“Power Save Mode”– significantly reduces the power consumption of connected amplifiers when no music signal is present (after 2 min.)“Double Activation Circuit” – generates a +12 V remote signal in two different ways to turn on connected amplifiers
High-quality, encapsuled and gold plated RCA / Cinch connectors for lossless signal transmission