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Helix AAC.3 høy/lavnivå m/auto remote



  • Adapter for tilkobling av forsterker til en Radio/CD uten linjeutganger 
  • Remote utgang (gir et remote signal som trengs for å slå på en forsterker) 
  • slår seg automatisk på og av via høyttalersignal 
  • forgyllte tilkoblinger 
  • Meget høy kvalitet
  • Utviklet og produsert i Tyskland
  • -Double Activation Circuit à this feature allows to generate a remote output in two different ways: One is the traditional way via a UB/2 detection and the other one is via a brand-new micro-controlled signal detection. It means that the new AAC.2 can also be used for radios with integrated Class D amplifiers and/or factory installed amplifiers. The highlevel input can handle up to 65 watts per channel. The sensitivity of the signal detection can be adjusted from 10 – 120 mV.
  • -Power Save Mode à shuts down the remote output of AAC.2 after 2 minutes without music signal. This is a very important feature for all CAN-Bus controlled radios which are used to stay ON up to 45 minutes after locking the car. 
  • -Diagnostics Error Protection à this special circuit allows us to simulate a complex impedance at the highlevel input. Thus, the radio detects the AAC.2 as a speaker and no failure note is generated and saved in the cars’ control unit. 
  • -All functions and features are processed by an advanced microcontroller.