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Ground Zero GZUC 65.3SQX


- High quality speaker with audiophile WFWC® cone
- Wooden Fiber Woven Compound cone
- High end crossover with air coils and MKP capacitors
- 1” Silkdome tweeter with adopted volume

3-veis semi aktivt komponentsystem
165mm (6,5") Bass/mellomtone
WFWC* membran
31mm svingspole
72mm mellomtone GZUF 60SQX
28mm silke dome diskant med neodymium magnet
Diskanthus med tilpasset volum
Maks effekt: 350W
RMS effekt: 220W
Følsomhet (2.83V/1m): 90dB
Impedans 4 ohm
Frekvensrespons: 40Hz-25kHz
Monteringsdybde 70mm
Griller inkludert

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*WFWC® “Wooden Fiber Woven Compound”:

This state of the art cone material and its production technology combines extraordinary low distortion of thin woven glassfiber and the outstanding strength of rough wooden fabric. Due to its light weight this cone offers perfect and precise sound quality.