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DD Audio 710 D4


25 cm / 10" bass
Power handling RMS: 600 til 1200 Watt (Peak Power 3600)
Impedanse: 2 x 4 ohm
Svingspole: 75 mm / 3"
Slaglengde, Xmax. 14 mm (28mm peak to peak)
x-mech: 80 mm
Monteringsdybde 18,1 cm
Anbefalt i portet kasse fra 35 til 42 liter

Thiele-Small parameters:
Fs 28.563 [Hz]
Qts 0.321
Vas 21.42 [liters]

Heavy duty 10" to DD Audio Redline 700-series
Redline lineup has now a 10" subwoofer with a heavy duty 3" voice coil. A subwoofer that handles a lots of power, plays loud and with good sound quality. Thanks to very low fs, it also plays LOW. Fs is 28.5 Hz !!! This subwoofer is a real sales magnet even by the looks, motor diameter is almost as big as installation diameter. Available with dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm coils.

Highlight: Subwoofer that plays loud even the deepest notes. And in a much smaller space than a 12" one.
EROM surround
High-temp, 3.0”, voice coil
Triple layer Deep bass, high excursion spider system
Unique glass fiber and natural pulp cone
Back plate coil gap venting
Extended pole piece
DD cast basket