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DD Audio 212d D4 300W 2x4 ohm


12" subwoofer
2" voice coil wound of Made in USA wire
2x 2 ohms
power handling 300 W RMS, 900 W Peak
mounting diameter: 286 mm
mounting depth: 140 mm
x -mech: 64 mm
x-max: + - 10 mm
fs: 32.3 Hz
qts: 0.685
Vas: 42.446 liters
recommended ported enclosure: 49-78 liters (NET)
recommended sealed enclosure: 14-29 liter (NET)

The completely redesigned Redline 200 series subwoofers have many things that make them better than their predecessors. The redesigned frames and the geometry of the suspensions allow for a lower Fs value and a larger trajectory. These two things give you MORE LOW BASS.

Renewed voice coils have higher thermal resistance, reduced inductance and improved efficiency. With these things, you get a more balanced play, more sound with the same amplifier and more power.

Previously, DD Redlines red double-slash is no longer present, with a red stripe at the junction of the cone and the thermoplastic multi-layer top. The dust cup logo is made of a reflective metal film. All cones and dust caps are finished with matt black finish. The frames have DD logos, either stamped or molded.

The three-way voice coil ventilation, double-stranded braids, laminated sub-suspensions and extended pole pieces that have always made DD subwoofers so functional can still be found in the new models. The cone is a mixture of glass fiber and paper fiber and coated with a moisture-resistant coating. This has created a lightweight and sturdy cone that can withstand the conditions in the car very well.