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MATCH PP-MB 1.9BUR for Mercedes med Burmester


The universal 9-channel Plug & Play cable harness PP-MB 1.9BUR allows an easy connection of an DSP amplifier like the HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 or V TWELVE DSP to selected Mercedes car models with factory-equipped Burmester sound systems - compatible with most car models with a manufacturing date above 2014 and 9-channel Burmester sound system / 13 speakers.


The cable is equpped with MOLEX connectors for future plug & play applications but for universal applications all wires are definated by a name label.


Plug & Play cable harness for an easy connection of a HELIX V EIGHT DSP MK2 or V TWELVE DSP amplifier to a Mercedes equipped with Burmester sound system (manufacturing year > 2014)

All signal inputs and outputs are labeled and therefore suitable for all universal applications

Cable length 1,00 Meter

Further infromation about the compatibility can be found in our adaptor database